26 June، 2022

    The UK government has no record of any minister bringing up human rights issues on a visit to Bahrain.

    Families of detainees claim their efforts to learn whether their loved ones’ issues have been…
    26 June، 2022

    Demands to form an international committee to document crimes of torture in Bahraini prisons

    Demands escalated to form an international committee to document crimes of torture in the prisons…
    22 June، 2022

    Bahraini politicians: No reform in the country without the release of prisoners of conscience

    Bahraini political figures affirmed that no reforms could be adjusted without releasing prisoners of conscience…
    16 June، 2022

    Human Rights Center: Bahrain is no less than Russia in its contempt for human rights

    The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms said that Bahrain is no less than…
    16 June، 2022

    Espionage and piracy, unsafe environment for media freedoms in Bahrain

    The Gulf Group for Monitoring Freedoms and Press (Red Line) reviewed the reality of the…
    Bahrain binocular
    11 June، 2022

    Without an announcement from the Al-Khalifa regime: Israel deploys in Bahrain

    Israeli media revealed the deployment of Israeli military equipment in Bahrain without any announcement regarding…
    7 June، 2022

    Human rights demands for the release of sick prisoners of conscience in the prisons of the Al-Khalifa regime

    Salam DHR said that based on Article 344 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, inmates…
    6 June، 2022

    A human rights centre warns of an outbreak of tuberculosis in Bahrain’s Jau prison

    The Bahrain Center for Human Rights warned of the dangers of tuberculosis outbreaks in the…
    30 May، 2022

    Ex-GPZ employee Muhammad Elias passed away a year after leaving Bahrain with nothing after 38 years of service and dashed hopes

    “My father died in anguish. Every night, he would tell his story and lament, “I’ve…
    29 May، 2022

    Bahrain Corruption: Half a billion dollars from the state budget for a fictitious Shura Council

    In a frank expression of the severity of corruption in Bahrain, facts and data reveal…
    27 May، 2022

    Nasser bin Hamad wins first place in military decorations 

    The official website of the Al-Khalifia News Agency published a picture of Nasser bin Hamad…
    26 May، 2022

    Shocking testimonies reveal medical negligence in Bahraini prisons

    Prisoners of conscience in Bahrain’s prisons gave shocking testimonies exposing the medical negligence in the…

    Human rights violations

      23 May، 2022

      Human rights activist: Hamad bin Isa established a regime based on dictatorship and oppression

      Prominent human rights activist Maryam Al-Khawaja said that Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa established a regime founded on…
      8 May، 2022

      Submission to the United Nations about torture to extract confessions in Bahrain’s prisons

      Salam for Democracy and Human Rights submitted a complaint to the United Nations regarding torture to extract confessions in the…
      7 May، 2022

      Arbitrary revenge against a prominent dissident in Bahraini prisons

      The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) warned that a prominent dissident in prison was subjected to arbitrary…
      6 May، 2022

      Rights group: Bahrain is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists

      The Gulf Center for Human Rights ranked Bahrain as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists regarding the Al-Khulaifi…
      30 April، 2022

      Rights group reviews grave human rights violations in Bahrain

      The International Center for Justice and Human Rights reviewed Bahrain’s grave human rights violations and the severe restrictions it imposes…
      4 April، 2022

      Rights group: Punitive measures against Bahraini detainee Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja may amount to slow killing

      Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said that the situation of Bahraini prisoner of conscience Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja has dramatically worsened since the…
      30 March، 2022

      Judicial and legal prosecutions crushed freedom of expression in Bahrain

      Over the past years, judicial and legal prosecutions have crushed freedom of opinion and expression in Bahrain and increased self-censorship…
      21 March، 2022

      Bahrain fights off rights groups to keep violations concealed

      A human rights centre confirmed that the Al-Khulaifi regime is fighting human rights organizations to prevent its violations from being…
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