24 November، 2022

    Manama Dialogue: Covering up widespread human rights violations

    Facts show that the Manama Dialogue, in its eighteenth summit held a few days ago,…
    20 November، 2022

    Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, a prominent champion of human rights, tried for protesting

    In November 2022, prominent human rights advocate Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja will appear in court on a…
    14 November، 2022

    Amnesty International: Bahraini elections held amidst political repression and rights violations 

    Amnesty International said in a report today that the Bahraini elections are held following a…
    14 November، 2022

    Bahraini Elections: Scandals, Fraud and huge popular boycott

    Bahraini parliamentary elections were conducted despite a massive boycott prompting the ruling regime to falsify…
    11 November، 2022

    British parliamentary petition: Bahrain elections lack legitimacy

    A parliamentary petition presented in the British House of Commons called for the release of…
    7 November، 2022

    An opposition party provides 139 reasons for boycotting the parliamentary elections in Bahrain

    In a newly issued pamphlet, the opposition Islamic National Al-Wefaq Society provided 139 reasons for…
    6 November، 2022

    Dozens of human rights organizations expose the reality of oppression and persecution in Bahrain

    In a joint statement, 130 human rights organizations exposed the reality of repression and persecution…
    6 November، 2022

    Al-Khelaifi regime extends its arms to extreme right-wing parties in Israel

    The Al-Khelaifi regime declared its desire to strengthen the alliance with Israel despite the victory…
    3 November، 2022

    Human Rights Watch: Bahrain’s authorities outlaw opposition 

    According to a report released today by Human Rights Watch, the Bahraini government is preventing…
    3 November، 2022

    Rights groups demand Pope Francis condemn violations during his visit to Bahrain

    Nine human rights organizations made demands on Pope Francis, during his visit to Bahrain between…
    30 October، 2022

    French MPs call for cutting ties with Bahrain for human rights violations

    Discussions are taking place in the French Parliament about the human rights violations committed by…
    27 October، 2022

    For these reasons, the upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections in Bahrain are a “sham”

    Salam Organization for Democracy and Human Rights reviewed several reasons why the parliamentary and municipal…

    Human rights violations

      29 August، 2022

      Bahrain slammed for denying medical care to political prisoner

      According to the International Center for Justice and Human Rights, the authorities of the Al-Khalifa regime deliberately deprive a detainee…
      10 August، 2022

      Human Rights Center: Bahrain discredits the NGO Committee

      The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms said that Bahrain discredits the United Nations NGO Committee through its practices…
      31 July، 2022

      Bahraini dissidents’ lives ruined by Al-Kalifa’s phone hacking

      The Middle East Eye published an investigation into the secrets behind the Al-Khalifa regime’s spying on Bahraini opponents using Israeli…
      3 July، 2022

      Human Rights Center: human rights violations in Bahrain continue unabated

      The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms, a member of the International Criminal Court coalition, said that the inferno…
      29 June، 2022

      Bahraini Torture Victims Still Await Redress and Accountability

      Dozens of local and international human rights assessments, including the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), whose…
      23 May، 2022

      Human rights activist: Hamad bin Isa established a regime based on dictatorship and oppression

      Prominent human rights activist Maryam Al-Khawaja said that Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa established a regime founded on…
      8 May، 2022

      Submission to the United Nations about torture to extract confessions in Bahrain’s prisons

      Salam for Democracy and Human Rights submitted a complaint to the United Nations regarding torture to extract confessions in the…
      7 May، 2022

      Arbitrary revenge against a prominent dissident in Bahraini prisons

      The Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR) warned that a prominent dissident in prison was subjected to arbitrary…
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