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Plots and alliances

Path of Normalization Continues: Bahrain Announces New Cooperation with Israel

The Bahraini regime began its cooperation with Israel in the medical field through the Sheba Center and the Salmaniya Complex, as part of the latest steps of normalization that have been continuing for months.

A meeting was held in this regard between the Director-General of Sheba Medical Center, Professor Isaac Chris, and the CEO of Bahraini Governmental Hospitals, Dr Ahmed Al-Ansari. The two sides agreed to exchange cooperation in the fields of medical, training, innovation and research.

The agreement will be signed during Dr Al-Ansari’s visit to Israel. Sheba is the largest medical centre in Israel and Salmaniya Hospital is the largest medical complex in the Gulf Kingdom.

This Bahraini-Israeli cooperation comes within the framework of the Abraham treachery treaty that Bahrain signed with Israel, in a deal sponsored by the United States.

Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Bahrain was interested in joining the investment in the vaccine factory, planned to be established in Israel with the participation of other countries.

Earlier this month, Bahrain discussed investment opportunities with Israel. A meeting was held by the CEO of Mumtalakat Holding Company, Khaled Al-Rumaihi, with the Chairman of the Israeli National Economic Council, Professor Avi Simhon. According to the Bahrain News Agency, the two parties discussed a number of economic sectors that provide joint investment opportunities.

This trade deal between Bahrain and Israel is not the first. The Bahraini regime gave permission for a new Israeli company to operate in the telecommunications sector in Bahrain.

Israeli telecom company Partner began to offer a package for Internet browsing and conversations in Bahrain, using the fifth generation of “Zein Bahrain”.

Prior to that, an agreement was concluded with an Israeli company to contribute to desalination in Bahrain, after the failure of the Gulf regime to solve the problem.

A deal was also concluded with Israeli companies to export Israeli agricultural products to Bahrain. On December 1, 2020, a Bahraini delegation consisting of forty high-ranking officials arrived in Israel, for a two-day visit. During the visit, issues related to economic exchange and tourism development between the two new regional partners were discussed.

Later, the authorities of the Khilafiyya regime announced the entry into force of the mutual visa exemption agreement with Israel for holders of diplomatic and special passports.

Bahrain also started to activate the agreement to exchange items and postal parcels with the Israeli occupation entity. A memorandum of understanding in this regard, signed between Manama and Tel Aviv last December, entered into force as of March 1.

Under this agreement, Israelis will be able to send and receive parcels and postal items via regular and registered mail and express mail to Bahrain.

Since the signing of the treasonous agreement under American auspices, official Bahraini and Israeli delegations have exchanged mutual visits to the two countries.

On the other hand, Bahrain’s security authorities launched a massive campaign of arrests of activists and citizens opposed to the normalization agreement with Israel.

The Bahraini people affirm their rejection of any political or commercial cooperation with the Israeli occupation. An electronic campaign was launched at the end of last year – and is still continuing – to boycott local companies that engage in commercial activities with Israel.


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