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A plan to eliminate prominent opponents in Bahrain through the slow death

The Bahraini opposition politician, Saeed Al-Shihabi, accused the Bahraini regime of carrying out a dangerous plan to eliminate the figures of opposition detained in its prisons through slow death policy.

Al-Shehabi confirmed that the opposition political leaders detained by the regime “endure harm, patiently, and do not submit, do not beg, and do not give in to tyranny or disease.”

He referred to what the regime is committing against Dr Abdul-Jalil al-Singace as deliberately insulting and degrading insults.

As a result, he decided to go on a hunger strike “after the regime insisted on depriving him of proper treatment and medicine.”

Al-Shihabi, who is residing abroad, considered what is happening against the blogger Al-Singace as “another crime committed in broad daylight, with premeditation.”

This prisoner suffers from post-polio syndrome and has special needs. In addition to torture, his health conditions deteriorated significantly as a result of his imprisonment and repeated hunger strikes during his years of imprisonment.

The Bahraini opposition leader, Ali Mushaima, 73, had previously warned that the regime authorities were using a slow death policy with his 10-year prison sentence.

Mushaima confirmed in an audio recording that he told the doctor inside the prison that slow death is being used with him by increasing and accumulating diseases in him without receiving the necessary medical care.

He pointed out that his body is collapsing day after day, especially with his old age.

Activist Ali Mushaima, who published the audio clip on Twitter, said that his father is complaining of medical negligence and not giving him the necessary and appropriate treatment for the diseases he suffers from, despite his repeated demands.

Dangerous scheme

Last month, Bahraini sources revealed a dangerous scheme by the Bahraini regime to liquidate the symbols of the February 14 revolution inside prisons.

The sources told Bahraini Leaks that the Bahraini Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad is behind the scheme and targets explicitly the regime’s leaders and symbols of the February 14 revolution who are detained in the notorious Jaw prison.

According to the scheme that Salman drew up in coordination with his father, Hamad and the Minister of Interior, orders were issued to the Jaw prison administration to restrict detainees’ symbols and deprive them of treatment and health care.

Considering that most of them are elderly and suffer from chronic health problems, the risk of their death is very close.

This explains the calls made by some of the symbols and their families, including Mushaima.

In addition to Sheikh Abdul-Jalil al-Miqdad, who considered the ill-treatment and denial of treatment, he is subjected to torture.

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