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Bahraini activist: The Royal Court wastes public money, and corruption rampant across the state

Bahraini political and media activists accused the Royal Court of causing deficits in the state budget due to waste and unfair distribution of wealth, and its monopoly over one family.

In a TV talk show, activist Ibrahim Al-Madhoun said that every problem must have solutions, pointing out that the opposition demanded government participation because it is aware of its corruption.

He added that this corruption could only be fixed by reforming the institutions involved in looting public money.

The Bahraini government had announced that the country’s real GDP fell 6.9 per cent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2020.

The activist Al-Madhoun explained that the problem in Bahrain is that the corrupt people are always either consultants or ministers.

“These are affiliated and employed by the state,” he said.

He indicated that the rampant corruption in Bahrain starts with the head of the state, headed by the legislative and judicial institution, and then the executive institution, before going to the people.

“Therefore, corruption cannot be reformed when everyone is corrupt, and these institutions cannot be held accountable if they are not independent,” he added.

Worsening crises

Economic analysts believe that the real problem facing the Bahraini economy lies in the corruption of its regime, its poor management of natural and human resources, and the investment of public money in building personal empires for the ruling caliph family members.

The unemployment rate in Bahrain witnessed a significant increase in the year 2020, reaching 10% of the Kingdom’s population, in light of rampant corruption across the country’s due to the Khilafid regime’s policies.

While there are no serious solutions to solve the unemployed issue, which has become an additional factor threatening the country’s lost stability for nearly a decade, thousands of graduates are now unemployed.

Citizens complain of worsening economic crises due to the scarcity of job opportunities, which are granted only to those loyal to the authorities.

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Instead of focusing on meeting the citizens’ needs, the authorities now focus their efforts on security spending and the purchase of police equipment to quell peaceful protests calling for reform.

Bahrain is listed among the countries where corruption is widespread, decreasing and rising from year to year. It was still ranked 77 for the year 2019, according to the Corruption Perceptions Index issued by Transparency International.

The opposition Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society confirmed that Bahrain suffers from profound and deep-rooted corruption across the country.

It added that fighting corruption needs a fair and independent judiciary that owns its decision and works away from political influence and subordination to political decision.

According to the association, it also needs a complete separation of powers and for the government to be accountable and accountable.

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