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Opposition Leader: Bahrain accuses Iran of incitement to gain Western sympathy

The ruling regime in Bahrain is accusing Iran of incitement and interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs in order to achieve its goals and interests, said Abdul-Ghani Khanjar, spokesman for the Bahraini Haq Movement.

The Bahraini government seeks to improve its relationships with Western countries and calls for exerting pressure, “On charges of supporting chaos and instability in neighboring countries, and using the Shiite sectarian card to interfere in Bahrain’s affairs.”

In a press statement, he confirmed that approach is another attempt for Bahraini to export its internal problems abroad.

It is a great and unprecedented popular revolution in the country’s history, commented Khanjar, on the 10th anniversary of the Bahraini.

Long before the uprising, the opposition complained of discrimination against Shiites in the workplace and public services. It demanded a constitutional monarchy through which a government would be chosen by an elected parliament.

The Bahraini government has always accused the protesters of being loyal to Iran, serving its interests, and sowing sectarian strife in the country, explained khanjar. Opponents, one the other hand, say that their demands revolve around establishing democracy and expanding their rights.

Bahraini revolution coincided with the Arab Spring and was distinguished by being the only one that stuck to its demands and was not being hijacked from counter-revolutions.

The presence of American Fifth Fleet and the British base in Bahrain represent an obstacle to democracy, which makes ” It difficult to find a solution that satisfies the people of Bahrain and achieves a real political will,” he added.

Bahraini’s security forces used excessive force to suppress pro-democracy protests, torturing detainees to get confessions, an inquiry panel charged with investigating abuses found in In November 2011.

The panel said that 35 people were killed, including five security personnel, and the numbers of those arrested reached 3,000. Also, over 4,000 people lost their jobs and hundreds were subjected to mistreatment in prison.

In the 10 years since Bahrain was shaken by pro-democracy protests, the government has brutally crushed all dissent while the world powers have largely looked on and done nothing, said journalist Alex MacDonald in an extensive report for Middle East Eye.


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