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A human rights center calls for the release of a political detainee vomiting blood in Bahrain’s prisons

The ICSRF called on the King of Bahrain to release the political opposition, Muhammad Hassan Ali Ahmed Abdullah, after spreading the “Covid-19” pandemic in the Kingdom.

The International Center for Supporting of Rights and Freedoms expressed concern that Abdullah would contract the virus in one of the smallest countries in terms of area and population.

On January 24, the brother of the detainee, Abdullah, published an audio clip on social media sites, crying out to the relevant bodies to save his brother in Jaw Central Prison.

Severe pain

The prisoner has been suffering from severe stomach pain for a while. His health has deteriorated recently, and he is vomiting blood without providing him with health care.

According to the International Centre, the Bahraini security service arbitrarily arrested Abdullah on November 3, 2015.

This arrest was part of a series of reprisals against those who participated in the Bahraini revolution, with whom the regime authorities were not satisfied.

Abdullah was held in the Criminal Investigation Building for a period during which he was subjected to treatment that forces him to confess, and he signed confessions incriminating him.

He was brought before the Public Prosecution Office, which charged him with a political background. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and he was sent to Jaw Central Prison.

The International Center for the Support of Rights and Freedoms, a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) coalition, noted that the detainee Abdullah is being treated inhumanely at Jaw Central Prison.

The Center affirmed in a press release that Bahraini Leaks, that Bahrain is obligated to protect its fundamental human right, which is the right to life.

Persecution and hatred

The Center pointed out that the percentage of the “Covid-19” epidemic is high, especially as it is treated with persecution, hatred and complete satisfaction with his health suffering.

It stressed that the detainee Abdullah is among the prisoners whose circumstances do not enable them to serve his sentence and coexist with it in Bahrain’s prisons in light of the epidemic’s spread.

The Center also appealed to the Human Rights Council member states and international and regional organizations concerned with the protection of human rights to exert efforts to advance human rights in Bahrain.

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