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Protests in Bahrain expose the repression of the Al-Khalifa regime and its Saudi ally

Bahrain witnessed widespread protests over the past two days that exposed the Al-Khalifa regime and its Saudi ally’s suppression of the popular revolution in the country in 2011 and the years that followed.

Several demonstrations took place in Bahraini towns denouncing the Saudi military occupation of Bahrain and Riyadh’s alliance with the Khalifa regime against the will of the Bahraini people demanding political reform and freedoms.

Among those villages was Karbabad, whose streets roamed a march during which banners were raised and slogans calling for the withdrawal of the Saudi and Emirati forces that occupied Bahrain 11 years ago.

The demonstrators denounced the Al-Khalifa regime’s summoning of Saudi forces to suppress the February 14 revolution that erupted in Bahrain in 2011 to demand an end to the Al Khalifa family’s dominance of power in the country for more than two centuries.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi forces occupied Bahrain on March 15, 2011, under the name of the Peninsula Shield Forces to save the Caliphate regime from falling after the massive popular revolution that swept the country in February of that year.

The occupation of Bahrain by these forces was followed by a wave of brutal repression that resulted in the death of several Bahrainis and the demolition of the Pearl Roundabout, in addition to the demolition of more than 30 mosques. Those forces are still sitting on the chests of the Bahrainis and refuse to leave the country.

For his part, the prominent Bahraini dissident Saeed Al-Shihabi affirmed that the Bahrain revolution is continuing despite the Saudi-Emirati occupation of the country due to the failure of the aggression to achieve its goal of suppressing the revolution.

“The Bahraini people proudly announce that they have thwarted the Saudi-Emirati aggression against the revolution, so it continued for 11 continuous years, and the Khaleejis remained ostracized, isolated and rejected because they sought help from the foreigner against the original population (Shia and Sunni),” Al-Shihabi tweeted.

The opposition forces in Bahrain launched the slogan of the National Day to resist the Saudi-Emirati occupation of the country, under the title “Except for sovereignty.”

The opposition forces called on the Islamic Al-Wafa Movement, the Islamic Action Society (Amal), the Islamic Action Movement, the Salvation Movement to participate in the events of the fateful anniversary of the Peninsula Shield forces’ invasion of Bahrain, from several centres in various villages and cities of Bahrain, from March 12 to March 15 2022.

The national day of resistance to the Saudi occupation in Bahrain is March 13. On this day, Saudi and Gulf legions entered with American cover to fight a defenceless people who came out to demand their legitimate rights in a revolution that was an extension of the Islamic awakening and a model of the Arab Spring revolutions in the region.

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