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Video: Heartbreaking Appeals by Mothers of Political Prisoners in Bahrain

Mothers of political prisoners in Bahrain made moving appeals to reassure their children in light of the dangerous outbreak of COVID- 19, systematic repression and torture inside prisons.

Mothers of prisoners made humanitarian appeals to save their children from the threat of the Corona pandemic, especially after the denial of their visit or contact with their relatives.

They also demanded the disclosure of the fate of those forcibly disappeared since the bloodshed by security officers against prisoners on Saturday, April 17.

On Saturday, the regime forces launched an attack on detainees in Building 13 of Jaw Prison and kept 30 prisoners’ fate in the dark.

Mother of a political prisoner, Syed Majed, indicated that contact with her son was cut off three weeks ago, but she heard that he was severely beaten on the same day of the assault.

She confirmed that all her attempts to find out the fate of her son had failed, pointing out that she had reviewed the complaints office, the Ministry of Interior and even the Bahraini Parliament.

In addition, the mother of the detainee, Syed Mahfouz, also made a similar appeal to reveal the fate of her son, whose news has not been heard since bloody Saturday.

She expressed concern and fear for his life, after he was beaten, and had not contacted her for more than a month.

Furthermore, the mother of the detainee, Hassan Ali Al-Sheikh, called for disclosing the fate of her son, who had not contacted her since last March. She also called for the unconditional release of all political prisoners.

Last Saturday, Bahraini security forces launched an attack on detainees in Jau prison, after they expressed their rejection of the prison’s poor conditions.

Families of prisoners of conscience organized sit-ins, demanding the release of their relatives, especially at a time the Coronavirus is widely spreading inside the regime’s prisons.

Dozens of political prisoners in Bahrain’s Jau Prison are still being held in solitary confinement and unable to communicate with their families.

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