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Human rights violations

A political prisoner in Bahrain faints, and his family calls for his release

The family of the diabetic political prisoner Yousef Hussain Yousef called for saving their son from the danger that threatens his life in Bahrain’s prisons.

The family reported that news reached them on Tuesday evening that their son had passed out due to his refusal to take insulin.

The family added that they are concerned that he will suffer severe consequences as a result.

It stressed that they demanded to save him before it was too late, holding the Jaw Prison administration fully responsible for his life.

The health situation in Bahrain’s largest prison is becoming more and more dangerous with the increase in prisoners being transferred to the intensive care units and the public complaints of others about using the slow death policy against prisoners.

Prisoners announced the seriousness of the health situation in Jaw Central Prison, noting that all indications are now threatening the integrity of the health system.

According to information received by Bahraini Leaks from private sources from inside Jaw Prison, which has hundreds of political prisoners, there is a serious indication of the inability or desire of the prison administration to provide the minimum level of health care for prisoners.

The sources pointed out that the confirmed information and complaints from prisoners’ calls from inside the prison reflect that the situation has reached a state that cannot be tolerated in any way. Otherwise, inevitable death awaits them.

Sources told Bahraini Leaks that the prisoner, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Aali, 30, was transferred to the intensive care unit in a deplorable health condition.

The sources expressed concern about the condition of this prisoner, who recently complained of health complications due to infection with the Coronavirus, which the notorious Jaw prison administration met with intentional disregard.

It warned that this prisoner would meet the fate of two prisoners who died in recent weeks due to deliberate medical negligence against them.

This was preceded by prisoners issuing distress calls to rescue the prisoner Hussein Ali Aman from the danger of certain death.

He vomits blood, and the prison authorities delay his transfer to the medical clinic.

At the same time, the Bahraini opposition leader, Ali Mushaima, 73, accused the regime authorities of using the slow death policy while he was imprisoned for ten years.

Mushaima confirmed in an audio recording that he addressed the doctor inside the prison that slow death is being used with him by increasing and accumulating diseases in him without receiving the necessary medical care.

He pointed out that his body is collapsing day after day, especially with his old age.

Activist Ali Mushaima, who broadcast the audio clip on Twitter, said that his father complained of medical negligence and lack of necessary and appropriate treatment for the diseases.

Two days ago, political prisoners revealed that the Jaw prison administration pressured them to sign papers that include holding them responsible for the large outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the central prison in Manama.

Prisoners in Building No. 12 reported in leaked letters to Bahraini Leaks that they had been subjected to a campaign of threats and extortion for days to force them to sign papers, stressing that they refused to obey the orders of the prison administration.

The prisoners indicated that agreeing to sign means acknowledging their responsibility for obstructing the procedures of the Coronavirus since the death of political activist Hussein Barakat and thus causing the spread of the pandemic.

They drew attention to the fact that they were not allowed to see those papers in total, so they refused to sign them.

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