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Bahrain strikes new secret military deal with Israel

Hebrew media revealed a new secret military deal between Bahrain and Israel as part of Manama’s scramble to strengthen the alliance with Tel Aviv.

According to the Israel Defence website,, a subsidiary of IAI, a deal had been concluded to sell radars and anti-aircraft systems to Bahrain.

According to the company’s website, the talk is about coastal radars that come under the BATS’ GR12 brand, an alternative name for the Elta-made radar.

The statement issued by the company said that “the Bahraini Defense Forces have chosen BATS to provide them with integrated coastal monitoring systems, to defend the coasts of a military base in the country.”

“The Bahrain Defense Forces select BATS to provide an integrated coastal surveillance system to protect the shores of the military base in the country,” the company’s statement said.

These systems include multiple advanced radars and electro-optics integrated into the command and control centre.

The Hebrew site also pointed out this defensive system. It will provide medium and long-range detection of any external target. As well as close to the beach and track it. It will connect them with a comprehensive tactical shot to be shown to operators.

The contract was signed in the second half of 2021, and delivery is expected in 2022.

BATS is proud to support the Bahrain Defense Force in improving its capabilities and achieving and maintaining operational excellence.

This is BATS’ first contract in Bahrain. The company expects a solid and long-term partnership with the Bahrain Defense Force.”

A brief search shows that the same company has already struck a deal in the United Arab Emirates and in the bay for an anti-cascade system.

Another deal was concluded with the same company in Mali for the United Nations forces.

Last week, Israeli Security Minister Benny Gantz signed a defence agreement with Bahrain that includes cooperation in intelligence, equipment procurement, and training.

Under the orders of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain signed a public normalization agreement with Israel in September 2020, under US auspices, at the end of former President Donald Trump’s rule.

The agreement to publicize relations with Tel Aviv came after decades of secret alliances between the Bahraini regime and Tel Aviv, despite Bahrain’s widespread rejection of normalization in all its forms.

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