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Human rights violations

Bahrain fights off rights groups to keep violations concealed

A human rights centre confirmed that the Al-Khulaifi regime is fighting human rights organizations to prevent its violations from being revealed in Bahrain.

The Geneva-based International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms said that the Bahraini regime has arbitrary and illegal activities within the New York NGO Committee, which is concerned with granting consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council to human rights organizations.

Under Article 28 of the Durban Declaration, “We recall that the practice of persecution against any distinct group, group or sect on racial, national, ethnic or other grounds universally recognized as impermissible under international law.”

The Center stated that it is in a fierce confrontation with the Al-Khalifa regime within the committee that follows the United Nations due to monitoring the human rights situation in Bahrain since 2011 when an internal revolution erupted to demand reforms and democracy. The regime faced all forms and types of human rights violations.

Bahrain has taken advantage of this position at the United Nations, which ends at the end of 2022, to take revenge and heal by asking repeated and illegal questions to the International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms to disrupt it and prevent it from obtaining consultative status.

This is despite the fact that the Center is not Bahraini and does not follow the Bahraini opposition. It has no connection with Bahrain, but merely because it is an international organization that monitors human rights violations in Bahrain.

“We confirm that we are experiencing suffering from Bahrain’s presence within the NGO Committee,” the Center said.

“Bahrain’s human rights record is black, representing evil for human rights organizations and human rights defenders. Unfortunately, Bahrain does not understand that our monitoring of violations aims primarily to motivate and push for reforms.”

The International Center for Supporting Rights and Freedoms called on the United Nations General Assembly to “not stand by as this tampering with the law and open an urgent investigation into these practices so that silence does not encourage Bahrain to move forward towards committing more and more human rights violations.”

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