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Human rights violations

Human Rights Warning of  Possible Disaster in Bahraini Prisons.

Prominent Bahraini human rights activist, Ibtisam Al-Sayegh has warned of what she described as a “potential disaster” against political prisoners in isolation wards in the Bahraini regime’s prisons.

Al-Sayegh stated that prisoners in Building 16 of the Dry Dock Prison “Ward 2” abstained from receiving meals, until their demands of stay-in-cell supplies, such as television sets are met.

Al-Sayegh added  that prisoners in Ward 1 are gathered from different backgrounds and suffer from life-threatening health problems, making their person an unsafe environment.

it is unacceptable that a few people with leverage and power can use their influence and hurt larger groups who live in cramped cells.”

“Their cells do not meet the most basic requirements for living, which is safety for life.”

Criminal prisoners in Bahraini jails suffer from serious diseases that require close attention and healthcare, especially by addressing the psychological aspect and stress they are constantly being under.

The Bahraini activist specialized in monitoring the conditions of prisoners of conscience stated that

The families of political detainees in Bahrain live in a state of extreme anxiety, with new cases of Coronavirus recorded inside prisons. Their responsibility rests with the official institutions concerned with the rights of prisoners.

This fear grows even more significantly amid detainees’ harsh conditions, shortage of cleaning supplies and sterilizers, as well as intended medical negligence.

Families also stress that the Bahraini prison authorities play with the lives of prisoners by refusing to take any serious measures to protect them.

Human Rights Watch affirms that the Bahraini authorities continue to deny detainees in prisons the necessary health care, especially for politicians.

Since the popular revolution of February 2011, the Bahraini authorities have arrested 4,500 political prisoners. Among them are elderly and patients who need special medical care.

On Monday, Bahraini Leaks learned that a number of prisoners of conscience in the Bahraini Dry Dock Prison entered an open hunger strike.

Private sources reported that the detainees resorted to this step due to the spread of the Coronavirus in prisons, while the authorities continue the deliberate medical negligence policy against them.




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