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Nasser bin Hamad wins first place in military decorations 

The official website of the Al-Khalifia News Agency published a picture of Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa wearing his military uniform, which was covered with decorations, during his meeting with the Commander of the British Armed Forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin.

Nasser is perceived as a “miracle” because he always appears victorious, the winner and the most creative. He was participating in the Dragon Group meeting, held annually in London, with the participation of the Gulf countries to discuss security and military issues and deepen cooperation with the United Kingdom.

Military leaders from the first echelon attend this meeting, and they take a group photo in their military uniform.

Nasser Al-Khalifa’s review of medals and decorations comes after his father, King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain, reportedly ordered his royal title to be changed from “His Majesty” to “His Greatest Majesty”, media reported on Tuesday.

The Gulf country’s Royal Court, through the ministry of information, sent a notice to local news outlets ordering them to use the new title in reports, as well as in official speeches and correspondences. 

“Please adopt the following name for His Greatest Majesty, and amend the news received in your newspaper today: His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, King of the Great Country, may God protect and protect him,” the notice read.

King Hamad’s latest title has drawn criticism from activists online, who ridiculed the move.

One activist, Latifa Al-Husseini said sarcastically: “The world is planning [to go] beyond the moon, Mars and Jupiter, and the Hamad regime invents a new title that will bring down all of Bahrain’s problems and its political and economic crisis.”

Another activist, Yusuf Al-Jamri remarked: “Perhaps it can be said sarcastically that the problems of the country and the people in Bahrain have been resolved once and for all, and that there is a genius in power who was guided to solve all of this with one stroke of a pen [the following the notice].”

King Hamad has amended his title before. The 72-year-old monarch, who has ruled Bahrain since 1999, was declared an Islamic constitutional monarchy in 2011 thus making him king instead of the emir.

“His Majesty” was adopted at the beginning of the era of the charter, but it was changed on December 16, 2002 to “His Majesty the King, the beloved of the country.”

And that was after it sparked a great deal of controversy in the media and internet forums at the time and even faced a religious problem in circles loyal to the ruling family.

Bahrain sinks under political, economic, and social crisis layers. Citizens complain daily about declining health and education services and the complete absence of fundamental freedoms.

Despite all this, the country is waking up today to see clearly what preoccupies the mind of its ruler.


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