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London protest exposes the reality of human rights violations in Bahrain

A sit-in organized in London exposed the reality of human rights violations in Bahrain and the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners of conscience.

A number of human rights activists and British MPs organized a vigil in front of the Bahraini embassy in London in solidarity with the academic prisoner of conscience, Dr Abdul Jalil Al-Singace.

The protesters raised pictures of Al-Singace and slogans in solidarity with him in his hunger strike for a hundred days in protest against the ill-treatment by the Jaw Central Prison administration and the confiscation of his writings and research, which he spent four years writing.

The protesters demanded the Bahraini authorities immediately release Al-Singace and all prisoners of conscience and politicians imprisoned in Bahrain.

A number of British parliamentarians spoke during the stand, including MP Paul Scriven, who called on the UK government to escalate and use all its available influence to urge the Bahraini authorities to meet Al-Singace’s demands and release him unconditionally.

Amnesty International human rights activist Sima Watling confirmed that the detainee Abdul Jalil Al-Singace is a detainee of conscience and renewed her call to the Bahraini authorities for his immediate release.

Al-Singace had started his hunger strike on July 8 to protest his ill-treatment in prison and the prison administration’s confiscation in April of his research papers that he had been writing for four years.

Amnesty International has stressed on several occasions that he must be released immediately and unconditionally.

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy had previously launched a human rights petition calling for Al-Singace’s release.

The institute stated that he is still in the hospital for observation in light of the deterioration of his condition.

In this context, 16 leading human rights organizations and more than 100 academics worldwide expressed their solidarity with Al-Singace and called for his immediate and conditional release.

The administration of Jaw Prison, Bahrain’s largest and notorious prison, is still confiscating Al-Singace’s research and refusing to hand it over to his family.

Al-Singace, at the age of 59, went on an open-ended hunger strike during which he refrained from taking medicines, regularly testing Corona, and making video calls with the family.

Bahraini sources stated that the blogger Al-Singace suffered from high blood pressure and low blood sugar and a strike in kidney function and yellowing of the eyes.

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