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Human rights violations

Prisoners in Bahrain suffer serious deterioration in health facilities in prison

Salam Organization for Democracy and Human Rights warned of the severe health conditions that political prisoners face in Bahrain these days.

The human rights organization said in a tweet that Bahrain did not announce Corona injuries in prisons. Still, the families of prisoners learn about the infection of their children through the official application.

It expressed her fear that the epidemic would have dire repercussions on prisoners due to what she described as “unsanitary conditions and overcrowding.”

It called on the authorities to respect the protection of human rights in implementing the necessary measures to address the deadly epidemic.

Popular and human rights voices are calling for the release of prisoners of conscience from Bahrain’s prisons in light of the problematic epidemiological conditions that the country is witnessing due to the frightening outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

On social media platforms, activists called on the regime authorities to release the prisoners so that the people could preserve their lives away from the policy of medical neglect inside the prisons.

They stressed that the country is going through a difficult and exceptional circumstance, and there is no way to employ the epidemic politically.

Natural fears are being raised for the lives of prisoners held in Jaw Central Prison in Manama, as news has been received that many of them are injured. There are stressful cases due to the severity of the injuries.

Prisoners in communications from inside Jaw told that there is a slowdown in providing treatment to the injured, as there are about 100 injured people in Building 3 (18 previously).

The prisoners noted that they were confined to their cells for 24 hours and were not exposed to the sun.

They confirmed that some cells hold 12 prisoners, and they can only accommodate eight prisoners, noting that severe overcrowding contributed to the spread of the virus.

The prominent political opponent, Saeed Al-Shihabi, attacked the regime’s authorities for their persistence and refusal to release what he described as “the Bahraini hostages detained on the torture drums they run.”

“The spread of the pandemic in prisons is a dangerous development that may lead to death,” he tweeted.

“How long will the supporters of the tyrant and his gang in Washington and London commit themselves to support a criminal gang that plans to kill citizens by any means? Where is your humanity?”

In turn, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights affirmed that the authorities’ continuation, regardless of the release of prisoners of conscience, despite the appeal of local and international organizations, is a violation of a fundamental right guaranteed by international law, which is the right to life.

The human rights centre stressed the importance of not underestimating the lives of prisoners and working to ensure their safety.

From a humanitarian standpoint, he called on the Bahraini authorities to urgently release all prisoners of conscience, as they face the risk of death after the rapid spread of Corona in prisons.

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