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The Bahraini people are subject to torture, with the US blessing

The February 14 Revolution Youth Coalition said that the people of Bahrain are being subjected to the most violent forms of injustice and violations from the Al-Khalifa regime under American protection.

In a press statement, the Coalition’s Political Council reiterated its rejection of the illegal US military presence in Bahrain and promised it a complete occupation of the country.

The statement stated that “Day after day, the people of Bahrain are forcibly deprived of their legitimate and sovereign national right to self-determination and are subjected to the most violent forms of injustice and violations at the hands of the Bahraini regime, with US protection, and with clear military, political and intelligence support.”

It explained that this is done “in order for the US state agencies to remain the first decision-maker in support of the dictatorial regimes in the Gulf region, especially the tyrannical Al-Khalifa regime.”

“From this point of view, the coalition announced a popular outcry in 2017, after the bloody massacre, by rejecting the basis of injustice and the primary supporter of the tyranny of the ruling regime and rejecting its illegal presence represented by the US Fifth Fleet in Bahrain’s territorial waters and its base in Juffair, and by setting a national day for its expulsion from the country.”

The statement stressed that this national demand is at the heart of sovereignty and independence. Completely missing during the reign of the country’s ruler, Hamad Isa al-Khalifa, the youngest servant of the admirals of this military naval base.

He stressed that they were the ones who had the decision to keep his regime with his illegitimate ruling clique. It sold sovereignty, consented to their orders, and printed with the Zionist entity against the people’s will.

The coalition referred to the position of parliamentarians in 1973, who demanded the expulsion of the American base from Bahrain and described it as a proactive and honourable position for them.

The coalition demanded the exit of the American soldiers from the country and the cessation of protecting the dictatorial regime so that the people of Bahrain could recover their legitimate political decision in preparation for obtaining their right to self-determination and drawing the map of their political life through a new democratic system, outside the scope of any threat, custodianship and occupation.

In its statement, the coalition called on the people of Bahrain to renew this national cry every year, which has become a constant project in its continuous struggle, and a strategic course of action until the land of Bahrain is cleansed of all forms of foreign occupation.

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