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Under Emirati incitement, Bahraini attacks intend to sabotage the Gulf reconciliation

With Emirati instigation, the Bahraini regime continues to launch a continuous attack to sabotage the Gulf reconciliation and disturb its atmosphere.

The King of Bahrain’s advisor for diplomatic affairs, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, wrote a series of tweets in which he vigorously attacked Qatar.

Al-Khalifa said, “The Gulf Cooperation Council has gone through many challenges and obstacles despite the important steps it has taken in favour of joint Gulf action.”

He added, “Like what the Cooperation Council has made many important steps in favour of joint Gulf action.”

“However, he faced many challenges and obstacles that threatened him and harmed the historical fraternal relations between his countries,” he said.

He claimed that modernization is represented: In 1986 the council faced a significant challenge following the Qatari attack on Bahrain’s Fasht al-Dibal.

“In blatant violation of a joint Gulf military agreement, which required Saudi Arabia’s swift move to contain the situation and calm it down by withdrawing the aggressive Qatari forces.”

“In 1990, when Kuwait was under the Iraqi occupation, Qatar suspended the course of the Gulf summit in Doha,” he said.

He claimed that Doha had obstructed the summit proceedings with “claims that had no legal basis for the lands and seas belonging to the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

The King of Bahrain’s advisor claimed that this “wasted time and focus on the most important goal, which is the liberation of Kuwait.”

He said, “In 1991, Qatar went to the International Court of Justice with a single request demanding 30% of Bahrain’s land and waters.”

“It is a case that Qatar lost after the court discovered 83 forged documents that Qatar used to support its demands,” he added.

According to the background, “In 1992 and in clear violation of the 1965 border agreement between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Qatar launched an attack on the Saudi Al-Khfous area.”

He claimed that Qatar had triggered a battle that killed a Saudi officer and two Qatari soldiers.

And he added, “The Saudi wisdom was a reason to contain and calm the situation.”

The advisor to the King of Bahrain continued his incitement against Qatar, saying, “In the meantime and after that, Qatar continued to interfere in the internal affairs of all GCC states.”

He accused it of plotting against it, such as “bombing the news, Gaddafi’s tapes, supporting opponents and saboteurs in Bahrain, Kuwait and elsewhere.”

And he added, “And here we are, when we witness the continuous suffering of Bahraini sailors in the waters of the Arabian Gulf.”

“While Bahrain allows the Qatari sailor to fish in its waters and sell in its ports,” Al-Khalia said.

He claimed, “Qatar is targeting Bahrainis with their livelihoods, and even killing them without mercy and confiscating their property without any regard for brotherly relations and the principles of good neighbourliness.”

According to the King of Bahrain’s advisor, “If Qatar wants to preserve and develop the council’s march, it must abide by the treaties it has signed.”

These statements are considered the most dangerous issue by a country participating in Qatar’s blockade in recent years since the reconciliation agreement was signed.

The Bahraini statements came at the instigation of the UAE intending to sabotage the Gulf reconciliation, which took place with Kuwaiti-American mediation.

Bahraini sources recently revealed a secret meeting between the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed.

The sources told the Bahraini Lakes that the secret meeting’s aim is the agreement between Manama and Abu Dhabi to sabotage the Gulf reconciliation.

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