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Bahraini Regime Recruits Mercenaries to Take Revenge on Political Prisoners

Political prisoners in Bahrain find themselves stuck between an administration of fascists and mercenaries of different nationalities whom the Hamad bin Isa regime has sought to take revenge on, for political and sectarian motives.

After the outbreak of the 2011 protests, the Bahraini authorities used mercenaries, most of whom were from Pakistan and Jordan, to crush the peaceful protesters.

Human rights organizations monitored that many crimes and violations were committed by these elements against the Bahraini people.

Bahraini activists claim that the people of the homeland find it shameful and cruel to oppress their own people. Therefore, the Bahraini authorities use mercenaries to confront popular demands.

The last of the mercenaries’ rampages was what Sheikh Zuhair Ashour was subjected to when a65 criminal convict deliberately assaulted him with the intent to kill.

The aggressor was a criminal prisoner of Arab origins, codenamed “A.T.” He is accused of drug and rape cases and is known for his aggression and for creating violence.

Ashour was subjected to a number of bruises during the attack, on March 14. The family expressed grave concern over the life of the 35-year-old prisoner of conscience. He is serving sentences of up to 75 years after his arrest in 2013.

In a statement, the family stated that Ashour recounted during a previous phone call the horrors of torture he had been subjected to.

According to a leaked audio recording from Jaw Central Prison, a Bahraini Interior Ministry policeman threats and intimidates political convict Muhammad Abd al-Nabi Jumah.

In the recording, a policeman named Fadl threatens the prisoner to punish him after the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation leaves the prison.

The International Cross team has visited Bahrain for several days, during which it met with a number of prisoners serving their sentences in Jaw Central Prison.

The political prisoner stated that this policeman informed him of placing him on the “black list”, as a punishment for his demand for treatment. Also, he threatened him because of letters he leaked outside prisons, in which he complains about the miserable conditions inside prisons.

This week, a documentary book entitled “Exhalations” revealed 28 methods of brutal torture that detainees were subjected to in Jaw Prison. The book contains 68 affidavits of political detainees from inside the Jaw Central Prison.

In these statements, prisoners explain more than 28 methods of brutal torture that they were subjected to after the March 10, 2015 protests in Jaw Prison.

The prisoners recorded 63 names of what the book described as “executioners”, including officers and members of the Jordanian gendarmerie, and other mercenaries.

The book also reveals the involvement of Emirati officers in torturing detainees. It stated that these testimonies are one of the tools of resistance that the prisoners brought out as “ Exhalations ” that narrate outrage from the flood of the pain that they inflicted with patience.

Local and international human rights organizations confirm that Bahraini prisons are filled with more than 4,000 detainees for opinion and expression and calling for political reforms.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi and Emirati forces invaded Bahrain on March 15, 2011, a month after the outbreak of the popular revolution calling for the overthrow of the regime.

As soon as more than a thousand officers and soldiers from the Saudi forces entered Bahrain, the UAE announced that it had sent 500 police forces to the kingdom. The ruling Al Khalifa family in Bahrain had requested assistance from the two countries to face the protests that escalated in Manama.

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