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Bahrain Freedom Movement: Time for Dialogue Over, Change Must Be Comprehensive

The Bahrain Freedom Movement rejected calls for dialogue with the ruling Al Khalifa family, stressing that time passed over this family after the separation between it and the people reached a point of no return.

in a written statement titled “So that we do not be stung ten times,” the movement stressed that any dialogue with the ruling family would be useless. The movement warned that the Khilafis withdrew their recognition of the people and replaced it with naturalized persons and that they do not believe in dialogue.

It also added that the principles of the national reconciliation project are rejected by the Khilafiyya, including the right of the people to write their constitution and establish the rule of law. Instead, the authorities seek to cover up crimes and violations and protect its perpetrators.

The February 14 revolution produced several facts on the ground, the first of which is that the people want to overthrow the regime and that the major humanitarian issue in Bahrain is political prisoners. Bahrain Freedom Movement warned that prisoners’ release is a demand that is not subject to bargaining and that the people refuse to associate it with political demands.

The Bahrain Freedom added that the popular movement continues without stopping, whether the prisons are overcrowded with Bahrainis or emptied. Revolutionary and opposition forces have clearly articulated their visions of what they were seeking to achieve by all peaceful civilian means.

Over and over again, the Bahraini regime has proved that it does not abide by any international covenant or agreement with the people. The movement anticipated that “caliphs” would initiate confusion and mislead by talking about the release of political prisoners within “dialogue” and “consensus.”Another governmental tactic is by putting pressure on some political and religious figures to accept prosthetic solutions that do not affect the essence of the political system.

On the other hand, Bahrain Freedom warned that any concessions would be used by the media and financial governance machine to promote statements. This is with the aim of forcing some to engage in a project that fragments the ranks of the opposition and does not achieve the security, stability and rights of the people.

The Freedom of Bahrain affirmed that the steadfast revolutionary forces will not accept bargaining for the freedom of prisoners whose imprisonment is considered a crime against humanity. It further called for comprehensive change, because that is the way to stabilize the nation and the people and to guarantee the rights of indigenous citizens, both Shiites and Sunnis, without prejudice or injustice.

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