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Human rights violations

Bahraini regime arrests fathers for visiting their children’s graves

Bahraini Leaks learned from human rights sources that the regime’s security forces had arrested three fathers for visiting their sons’ graves, victims of extrajudicial killings.

The sources reported that Bahraini security arrested the three fathers while looking after their deceased sons’ graves in the Sitra cemetery.

The three detainees are the father of the martyr Ali Al-Moamen, the father of the martyr Ali Al-Sheikh, and the father of the martyr Sayed Hashem.

Local sources reported that the three detainees were transferred to Sitra police station, without knowing the charges against them or the reason for their arrest.

Persistent pressure

The Bahraini regime authorities continue to harass the families of the victims who died during the brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in 2011.

The victims’ families were denied access to their children’s graves, which creates resentment and anger among the citizens.

Wide arrests

It is noteworthy that the three fathers’ arrest coincides with the escalation of the security services’ abuse of citizens. Dozens of arrests have been carried out during the past 48 hours.

Security sources told Bahraini Leaks that these arrests came within the framework of the security forces’ efforts to thwart any demonstrations that Bahrain might witness in the coming days.

The crackdown coincided with noticeable, widespread calls on social media platforms to escalate protest activities on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the popular revolution that broke out on February 14, 2011, in addition to the Bahraini people’s rejection of the normalization agreement with Israel.

The arrests campaign focused in different areas, including the capital, Manama, Bilad Al-Qadim, Sanabis, Al-Musali, Karana, Nabih Saleh’s village, and Straw-Wadiyan.

The sources pointed out that the number of detainees reached until ten o’clock today, Friday, about 33 people, among political activists, human rights defenders and citizens.

Security alert

Citizens were warned against engaging in any protests or activities against the Khilafiyya regime. The security forces threatened to take harsh measures against them.

The same security sources indicated that the regime gave instructions to its security forces to alert security against the background of calls to demonstrate to protest the increasing repression campaigns against opponents and political activists.

The Bahraini civilians are also encountering an unprecedented economic situation due to the corona pandemic and the rampant corruption within the regime’s institutions.

Last week, Bahraini Leaks learned that the regime’s security authorities issued warnings to the political leadership, reflecting the citizens’ living conditions’ deteriorating conditions, which may threaten to take them to the street again, similar to the 2011 revolution.

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