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Public Anger over Death of Detainee in Bahrain’s Prisons, Mourners Call for Overthrow of King

There is a state of intense public anger among Bahraini citizens after the prison authorities committed a new murder against a prisoner of conscience.

Activists and human rights defenders launched a scathing attack on the King of Bahrain and the Minister of Interior over the new crime against opinion activists, accusing them of turning prisons into slaughterhouses for torture.

On Tuesday, the 50-year-old political prisoner, Abbas MalAllah, joined the list of victims due to the absence of medical care and the brutal torture that has continued for many years inside the regime’s prisons.

Tweet translation:

#TheNuwaidrat: The people’s demand and their constant slogan despite all the sacrifices, are echoed by the participants in the funeral of #MartyrAbbasMalAllah



Opposition Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society announced the death of detainee MalAllahas as a result of inhumane conditions inside prisons and medical neglect.

On the other hand, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior tried to evade its new crime by fabricating flimsy charges against the victim.

Tweet translation:

By the usual lies and shamelessness that we are accustomed to, the news was announced by official authorities of the Ministry of Interior that the martyr Abbas Mala Allah passed away after suffering a heart attack. But the truth was too bright to be obscured by sieve. 10 years ago, the Ministry of Interior lied and announced the death of my brother affected by sclerosis too.

The Ministry of Interior claimed that the detainee lost his life as a result of natural death after he was transferred to Salmaniya Hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Activists indicated that a Pakistani policeman deliberately delayed the prisoner’s transfer to Salmaniya Hospital.

Activists attacked the Ministry of Interior’s account of the death of detainee Mallah and accused the ministry of lying, deceit, murder and abuse.

Tweet translation:

#MartyrAbasMalAllah spent 10 years of unfair sentence, which amounted to 15 years and 6 months. Despite his illnesses as a result of brutal torture and his entitlement to take alternative punishments, he was completely neglected and his family was targeted. His family’s housing unit was taken by gov’t and he just passed away unjustly.

Activists said that this victim of torture and health neglect testifies to the injustice suffered by many prisoners in Bahrain. The body of MalAllah arrived at his hometown, Al-Jabbana in the Nuwaidrat area, where he will be buried this evening.

Tweet Translation:

Wife of Martyr Abbas MalAllah and his family at the last farewell to his body, which arrived from Jaw Prison to his hometown in  Nuwaidrat, after he spent over ten years in prison. He has three kids, the youngest of whom was a year old when his father was arrested.

#FreeBahrainiPrisoners #SaveBahrainPrisoners #Bahrain

Mourners chanted phrases calling for the overthrow of the Bahraini regime, led by King Hamad bin Isa.

They described the King of Bahrain as a dictator and a murderer, calling for him to be brought to an international trial.

Meanwhile, they stressed the need for a popular movement to release all political prisoners.

The Bahraini regime mobilized its forces on the outskirts of the entrance to the town of Nuwaidrat, fearing the public anger calling for the downfall of the “tyrant Hamad”.

The hashtag #MartyrAbasMalAllah topped the list of the most popular hashtags in Bahrain, shortly after the regime authorities committed their crime against Malallah

Tweet translation:

A terrorist mobilization of enemy forces of Al-Khulaifi on the outskirts of the entrance to Nuwaidrat, fearing the public anger calling for the fall of the tyrant Hamad. #MartyrAbasMalAllah #SaveBahrainPrisoners #SaveBahrainiPrisoners

There are about 4 thousand prisoners of conscience in prisons of the Khilafia regime.

Earlier, the largest religious authority in Bahrain warned the Bahraini regime against taking out political prisoners “coffins on the shoulders and corpses to graveyards.”

According to a study by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, 74 Bahraini political detainees have died inside prisons.

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