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National Accord: The management of the Bahraini regime reflects a sick mentality

The major opposition political societies in Bahrain attacked the ruling regime and its management of the country. They stressed that the people’s demands are represented in a political transition towards a genuinely democratic state based on the people’s reference.

In a written statement, Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that these demands are legitimate, popular, humane and legal, sanctioned by all international and humanitarian values ​​and decisions, and endorsed by UN charters and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

It added that Bahrainis are asking for natural and self-evident rights, which most peoples of the world enjoy. They are among the basic rules for building societies and states and are not a luxury or redundant rights.

The party stressed that “democracy, freedoms, justice, and respect for human rights do not need to be persuaded by any state or any party, as they are an integral part of any stable and respected system of government.”

It stressed that the people of Bahrain, with all its components, reject injustice and tyranny, authoritarianism, monopoly, corruption, the absence of justice, the collapse of the social contract, the loss of rights, the management of the country with fire and iron, the use of force and brutality, and the imposition of laws, as dictated by the mood and arrogance of the ruling regime.

It pointed out that those who reject justice, fairness and safety and support corruption and tyranny are the beneficiaries of this injustice, looting and chaos, and reason and logic are not compatible with the support and justification of error except by those who benefit from it only.

It added that “the enormity of the work done by the government in Bahrain, to stand in the way of the transition to reconciliation and successful political solutions, reflects a weak, sick and invalid mentality.

And that what is going on is a war not only against citizens but also against the homeland and its future, clinging to more thefts and possession and resorting to the most horrific and illegal methods to justify his escape and disavow him from achieving the aspirations of Bahrainis.”

It pointed out that the justifications, lies and fraud offered by the government and its tools to escape the political entitlement of the people of Bahrain is an immoral historical crime, and it is necessary to be prudent and mature and abandon this reckless policy.

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