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European parliamentarians demand freedom for the opposition leader in Bahrain

Some European and British Parliament members are pushing the authorities in Bahrain to release the opposition leader, Hassan Mushaima, in light of his deteriorating health in recent days.

In this context, the European Center for Rights and Democracy launched a website that documents everything related to the political prisoner, Mushaima.

This step came within the ongoing campaigns calling for the release of opposition leader Mushaima and political prisoners in Bahrain.

Work on this site was carried out with joint efforts, especially of his son activist Ali Mushaima.

The parliamentarians also wrote letters in which they called for the urgent release of the opposition leader, along with all political prisoners.

According to Americans for Democracy and Human Rights, this site represents a new turning point in the march of movements calling for his release and the release of all political prisoners in Bahrain.

The website includes several sections, including a timetable that documents all events related to prisoner Mushaima and all the violations he was subjected to, in addition to a section documenting his health condition.

Another section documents his living conditions in prison, the methods of torture he was subjected to, and a timer showing his jail time since his arrest.

The site, which was launched in English, also reviews the most prominent human rights publications related to Mushaima and another section through which the browser can view visual and written messages of many members of the European Parliament and the British Parliament.

In addition to a petition, people can sign to express solidarity with this prominent political prisoner and join the voices calling for his release.

Activist Ali Mushaima says, “This website constitutes a new and prominent move in the march to demand the release of Hassan Mushaima’s parents and all political prisoners unconditionally, especially with the increasing spread of the Coronavirus in prison and the prison administration’s failure to manage that crisis.

He added, “Perhaps this new move, which was established with joint efforts, such as the participation of members of the European Parliament and the British Parliament, will exert more pressure on the Bahraini government to stop harassing my father and granting him health care and release him unconditionally.”

Since the pandemic outbreak, Mushaima’s situation has become more complicated and worrying, as the poor living conditions in Jaw Prison and the increasing number of injuries inside it can lead to a deterioration in his health and expose him to imminent danger.

Hassan Mushaima is serving a life sentence in the notorious Jaw Prison, where his access to medical care has been restricted despite his advanced age and multiple chronic illnesses.

He is described as the leader of the political opposition in the prisons of Bahrain.

Mushaima, 72, suffers from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, and receives treatment only intermittently.

Although he was treated for cancer, he needs regular checkups every six months. He also needs more than fifteen different medications to help with these cases, but he faced restrictions in obtaining them.

As the years passed into his sentence, his condition increasingly deteriorated without access to proper medical care. Since his son Ali Mushaima began a hunger strike outside the Bahraini embassy in the United Kingdom, the Bahraini authorities have largely ignored and neglected Mushaima’s medical needs.

In October 2020, Mushaima suffered a sudden deterioration in his health after prison authorities repeatedly failed to take him to medical appointments. He became short of breath due to a sharp rise in blood pressure.

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