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Al-Wefaq Society: The Al Khalifa regime sees Bahrain as a jungle

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, the largest opposition party in Bahrain, stressed that the country needs a well-planned political plan to overcome the current crisis that it has been experiencing for years.

Al-Wefaq said in a statement on Saturday on the occasion of the anniversary of its dissolution in 2016, “the Al Khalifa regime, with its madness, is trying to exclude all Bahrainis from the political sphere and marginalize them all.”

It added that this anniversary “expresses a black day in the history of justice, political action and pluralism in Bahrain.”

“The ruling regime has proven that it cannot run the country by committing illegal acts. He believes that Bahrain is a jungle in which he can rule by force and not respect anyone.”

The statement also stated that the Al Khalifa regime had ended political diversity in Bahrain by closing the Al-Wefaq offices in Bahrain, adding: “There is no longer any political, religious or social diversity in Bahrain.”

The statement described the Al-Wefaq Society as a noble and ancient famous institution and every patriot who does not bow to oppression respects it.

“All Bahraini children see Al-Wefaq as the embodiment of their dreams,” the statement said.

He stressed that people should enjoy their freedoms and legitimate rights and that Al Khalifa must restore the rights of the Bahraini people.

The Bahraini authorities have continued to suppress political participation in the country since the outbreak of the 2011 popular uprising, which called for democratic reforms and radical changes in the political scene.

The authorities were not satisfied with closing political societies and prevented their members in (2018) from participating in the elections, in a step that is considered another repression of political participation.

Since 2011, Bahrain has recorded the abolition of most civil society institutions, the disruption of the human rights community, the sabotage of the union community, the destruction of the political presence, and the abolition of the media space.

These steps, observers say, are part of a complete scene drawn by the Bahraini authorities towards a complete suppression of human rights. It is a violation of the rights of association in addition to a breach of freedom of expression.

Earlier, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights urged the international community to use its influence and pressure the authorities in Bahrain to end the crackdown, which has been systematically practised on political and civil societies and has continued since the start of the protests without any legal oversight.

In a press statement, the head of the centre, Nidal Al-Salman, called on the Bahraini authorities to “stop the dissolution of political and civil societies.”

And she believed that the government should implement “actual reform steps away from slogans and allow the Wa’ad Association and other dissolved political associations to resume their activities.”

It considered that the dissolution of the Waad Association undermines political action to low levels.

According to Al-Salman, the Law of Associations also loses its spirit. The political arena loses the necessary space and space required for political activity, which is considered a necessity for the elements of comprehensive political reform.

Tens of thousands of Bahrainis took part in the protests that erupted in 2011, demanding more political rights in the tiny Gulf emirate ruled by the Al Khalifa family.

According to human rights organizations, at least 90 people have been killed in Bahrain since 2011 in clashes with security forces, while hundreds have been arrested and referred to courts.

Dozens were imprisoned or stripped of their Bahraini nationalities.

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