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Serious Israeli penetration of Bahraini diplomatic missions

In a dangerous development, the Al-Khalifi regime is resorting to bringing in Israeli diplomats and officers to provide training courses, facilitating the Israeli penetration of Bahraini diplomatic missions.

Israeli diplomats and officers come to Manama to participate in training courses for Bahraini diplomatic cadres at the Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Institute of the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The institute is run by a woman from Al Khalifa, Munira bint Khalifa Al Khalifa.

“I was fortunate enough to participate in a special delegation to Bahrain as part of a course for diplomatic cadres in Bahrain,” said Israeli officer Yoav Mark Belotserkovsky.

Yav is a former officer and technology technician and is currently a PhD student (Demonstrating Assistant) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yaf posted on his Twitter account pictures showing his residence in (Bahrain Bay) and his participation in the Bin Mubarak Institute as a lecturer in training courses for Bahraini diplomats.

These courses come within the framework of Israeli penetration in all government sectors in Bahrain.

Israel increased its security and economic penetration in Bahrain as part of its suspicious alliance with the Al-Khalifi regime amid widespread Bahraini public rejection of that.

Months ago, Hebrew media revealed that Israel would appoint a military officer to work permanently in Bahrain, coordinating with the US Fifth Fleet, which is in Bahrain, and coordinating with the Bahraini forces.

On the other hand, the Bahraini National Initiative, which rejects normalization with Israel, announced its rejection of security cooperation with the Shin Bet, the Mossad, and the Israeli army, stressing that this would endanger security and stability in Bahrain.

The initiative, which includes 20 civil society organizations and political parties, stressed that Israel is seeking to make a breakthrough that could drag Bahrain into regional conflicts and turn its lands into an arena from which hostilities against the countries of the region are launched, which puts Bahrain in a circle of fire of reactions that threaten security and stability.

The initiative called for halting the announced arrangements to bring Israeli officers within the framework of training and developing the Bahraini security services, noting that the Israeli security services commit crimes in their worst forms.

The statement denounced the statements of the Bahraini Foreign Minister, Abdullatif Al-Zayani, in which he said that these agreements would contribute to stopping the annexation of the Palestinian lands, noting that the policy of Judaizing the Palestinian lands and expelling the people from their homes increased after the signing of these agreements.

The initiative affirmed that the choices of the Bahraini people are evident in supporting the Palestinian resistance, opposing all forms of normalization, and standing by the Palestinian people until the liberation of all of its national territory.


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